The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

The Laquan McDonald Investigation (WMAQ-TV)

The Laquan McDonald Investigation
 2015 | WMAQ-TV, NBC, Chicago

Months before the wider world learned the name of Laquan Mcdonald, reporter Carol Marin and her team at WMAQ-TV in Chicago were looking into the death of the African-American 17-year-old who had been killed by Chicago police. Their investigation, which began after the city paid Mcdonald’s family a $5 million settlement, uncovered allegations that police didn’t interview witnesses properly, that police investigators may have erased crucial evidence from a camera system at a nearby fast-food restaurant, and that police reports may have been contradicted by video of the event from squad cars. By the time a judge ordered release of the squad car “dashcam” video and Mcdonald’s death became a global story, WMAQ had already done its journalistic job, alerting viewers to inconsistencies and disturbing questions about the case, making sure Mcdonald’s death by 16 gun-shots was fully examined. For spotting disparities in a high-profile police shooting and aggressively pursuing answers to troubling questions, The Laquan McDonald Investigation receives a Peabody Award.


President and General Manager: David Doebler. Vice President of News: Frank Whittaker. News Director: Debra Juarez. Executive Producer: Joe Kolina. Broadcast Producer: Jennifer Lay-Riske. Reporters: Carol Marin, Phil Rogers, Dick Johnson, Natalie Martinez, Katie Kim, Mike Lorber. Producers: Don Moseley, Rich Moy, Courtney Copenhagen, Zach Christman. Photographers: Mark Ringo, Ron Zachara.

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