The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

State of the Re:Union (NPR and PRX)

State of the Re:Union
 2014 | State of the Re:Union and WJCT Public Broadcasting

State of the Re:Union travels the country to tell stories of, by and for many of the individuals and communities that are regularly forgotten by mainstream media. Whether exploring with honesty and compassion the family lives of transgender people, the everyday existence of Americans living in Alaska’s interior, Hawaiian multiculturalism, or Salt Lake City’s burgeoning Polynesian, gay, and migrant populations, State of the Re:Union adds a wealth of new voices to radio, offering listeners a lot to listen to and ponder. Where else might you hear debates within the African American community on the value – or point – of a Black History Month? A radio show and a podcast about humanity and about being, SotRU regularly moves beyond the stories of cultural clash and tension to locate the quiet, mundane profundity of everyday life for people across the U.S. For energizing radio and podcasting with grassroots reporting of phenomenal quality and value, we honor State of the Re:Union with a Peabody Award.


Executive Producer: Al Letson. Producers: Tina Antolini, Delaney Hall, Al Letson, Laura Starecheski. Coordinating Producer: Brie Burge. Host: Al Letson. Senior Content Editor: Taki Telonidis.

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