The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

SCOTUSblog (

 2012 | SCOTUSblog

In many respects, SCOTUSblog is to the Supreme Court of the United States what is to the world of sports. It’s the place to go for stats and chat, commentary and analysis. There’s even something resembling play-by-play: Its “live blog” provides real-time coverage of orders and opinions, often ahead of the Court’s own website. But unlike or even cable television’s C-SPAN, SCOTUSblog is equally concerned with continuity and history. Visitors to the site can tap into archives that include case briefs, oral argument transcripts and audio, and the Court’s ultimate decisions. The postings can be arcane: Where but on SCOTUSblog is a Supremes groupie likely to encounter punditry about the “all-stars” of “cert.-stage amicus activity”? But the site’s staff also graciously provides a “Plain English” section where legalese is deciphered and cases and procedures are made understandable for average folks. For filling a gap in Supreme Court coverage created by traditional media outlets’ staff cutbacks and, in fact, far exceeding it, SCOTUSblog receives a Peabody Award.


Publisher: Tom Goldstein. Editor: Amy Howe. Reporting and Analysis: Lyle Denniston. Manager: Kali Borkoski. Deputy Manager: Max Mallory. Analysis of Banking and Intellectual Property Cases: Ronald Mann. Law Students Column: Stephen Wermiel. Statistics: Kedar Bhatia. Relist Watch: John Elwood