The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

Iran & The West (BBC2)

Iran & The West
 2009 | Brook Lapping Productions

The relationship between Iran and the West grows more dangerous with each nightly newscast. How did we get to this present day standoff? This spectacular, epic documentary from Brook Lapping Productions in London explains in fascinating, sometimes astonishing detail how the affairs of Europe, the Middle East and the United States became entwined in the politics and ambitions of the revolutionary Iranian state. Interviews with a diverse group of world leaders, diplomats and political operatives combine with startling archival footage to present a cacophony of overtures that fueled one crisis after another. For its eminently watchable and historically invaluable examination of one of the world’s most intractable hotspots, a Peabody Award goes to Iran & the West.


Executive Producer: Brian Lapping, Norma Percy. Producers: Norma Percy, Dai Richards, Delphine Jaudeau, Paul Mitchell. Directors: Dai Richards, Delphine Jaudeau, Paul Mitchell. Writers: Brian Lapping, Norma Percy, Dai Richards, Delphine Jaudeau, Paul Mitchell. Editors: Sally Hilton, Toby Marter, Seth Hopewell.

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