The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

CNN: ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Undercover in Syria, Battle for Mosul (CNN)

CNN: ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Undercover in Syria, Battle for Mosul
 2016 | CNN

In its ongoing commitment to coverage of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, CNN offered in-depth reporting that demonstrated considerably the bravery and dedication of correspondents willing to risk their lives to tell stories in tenuous and uncertain situations. From Nima Elbagir’s team reporting from Ramadi just days after Iraqi forces took back the town to Arwa Damon and Nick Paton Walsh’s gripping accounts during the Battle for Mosul, the network relayed the toll of both physical and human destruction. Damon and cameraman Brice Laine recorded a harrowing 28 hours of being trapped in a house surrounded by ISIS fire with calm, clarity, and razor-sharp photography. Clarissa Ward went undercover into northern Syria to document Russian influence on the fighting and to navigate the ongoing devastation. Graphic images of the wounded and the bloodied brings the senselessness of the fighting to the foreground, as do haunting images of young children who’ve only seen and experienced a world of airstrikes, fear, pain, and loss. Traditional coverage of tactical missions is interspersed with reporting on the psychological burden of the ISIS reign of terror, especially on children. Powerful journalism such as this isn’t easy to watch, but is necessary for the world to see. Many people in the area simply cannot stay in a place that is no longer safe, where each day is a tremendous struggle for mere survival. For its steadfast commitment to intrepid reporting from the battlefield and for detailing the costs and damages of a war that continues to pose a moral challenge to the rest of the world, a Peabody Award goes to CNN.


Battle for Mosul, ISIS in Iraq and Syria: CNN Worldwide Staff. Undercover in Syria: Producer: Salma Abdelaziz. Reporter: Clarissa Ward. Videographer: Bilal Abdul Kareem. Editor: Fiona Sibbett. Online Production Team: Senior Producer: Nick Thompson. Supervising Producer: Ryan Smith. Interactive Designer: Sean O’Key. Senior Editor: Rachel Clarke. Producer: Rachel Rodriguez. Supervising Editor: Richard Greene. Producer: Aaron Darveniza. Senior Editor, Photos: Clint Alwahab. Senior Graphic Designer: Sarah-Grace Mankarious. Enterprise Editor: Inga Thordar.

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