The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

Crossing East: Our History, Our Stories, Our America (Public Radio International)

Crossing East: Our History, Our Stories, Our America
 2006 | MediaRites Productions

Sweeping in scope, rich in anecdote, Crossing East is the first major radio series about pan-Asian immigration to the United States—or, rather, what became the U.S. In the mid-1700s, we learn, Filipino seaman known as “Manilamen” jumped ship from Spanish galleons and started a settlement in Louisiana. Such details were made possible by executive producer Dmae Roberts’ enlistment of noted Asian-American scholars and creation of an oral-history project for which nearly 1,000 people were interviewed. The milestone series’ eight, 54-minute installments illuminate fascinating individuals such as Ing “Doc” Hay, a Chinese herb and pulse doctor who had a thriving practice in Oregon in the 1800s. Other segments explore larger topics such as exclusionary immigration laws, life on Pacific-island plantations and “war brides.” For bringing diverse facets of the Asian-American experience into the mainstream and creating a reusable historic resource, Crossing East: Our History, Our Stories, Our America receives a Peabody.


Executive producer/Director: Dmae Roberts. Associate producer: Sara Caswell Kolbet. Managing editor: Catherine Stifter. Engineer: Clark Salisbury. Graphics and outreach: Ping Khaw. Technical direction: Michael Johnson. Lead scholar: Judy Yung. Writers/Segment producers: Robynn Takayama, Ruby de Luna, Nguyen Qui-Duc, Mary Stucky, Deepa Ranganathan, Stephanie Loleng, Reese Erlich, Catrin Einhorn, Jennifer Dunn, Anne Morin, Miae Kim, Ginger Miles, Trang Ho, Scott Iseri, Dhevi Natarajan. Actors: George Takei, Margaret Cho, Elaine Low, Chisao Hata, Dann Seki, Jason Wong, Chung So, Sam Mowry, Jim Chan, Andy Alcala, Denise Aiko Chinen, Keith Kashiwada. Musicians: Daranh Kravanh, Ledward Kaapana, Aishu and Vinod Venkataraman, Angelo Pizarro, John Jang, Jared Rehberg, Shasta Taiko, Cantonese Folk Music Society of San Francisco.

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