The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

BBC World News America (BBC America)

BBC World News America
 2009 | BBC America

In a time when the television industry is beset by intense competition, the segmentation of viewers, and the fragmentation of program offerings, BBC World News America, produced in the United States with the cooperation of the BBC, covers the world in important ways. The program offers more international news coverage than most other outlets. The lengthy stories are presented in especially compelling manner. Topics and issues are frequently followed over weeks or months. BBC World News America also offers a distinctive perspective on the United States, placing the nation in expansive international contexts and asking important larger questions. How do other viewers in other parts of the world perceive America? How do correspondents from other nations, based in places where the United States is deeply involved, report on U.S. actions and policies? For regular viewers and for those who may discover the program, BBC World News America has become a key site for information, analysis and a global perspective and for that receives a Peabody Award.


Executive Producer: Rome Hartman. Producers: Kate Farrell, Nicky Goldberg, Claudia Milne, Sarah Robbins, Iva Zoric. Director: Bob Sharpe. Reporters: Matt Frei, Katty Kay.

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